My Mom’s Story

This is my mom’s story.


It’s not one of heart break.

It’s not one of sorrow.

It’s not a fair story either. But I’m going to tell it.


It’s a story of overcoming adversity.

It’s the story of smiling in the midst of all things giving her reasons not to.

It’s a story of becoming joy.

Being joy for others was her joy.

To the extent that it was possible for her, other’s joy always surpassed her own.


She loved adventure and shopping and good food.

And sharing it was her favorite.

She loved spoiling others with whatever her money could buy them to have the same.


They say you see a lot about a person in the friends they keep.

She kept many of the greatest people I know as friends.

Life long friends who suffered greatly along side her as she suffered, but also had endless stories of inspiration and fantastic times together.

You would have to search few and far between to find someone who could say a bad thing about my mom.


She never intended to be anyone’s inspiration, but she frequently was.

She was happiest when those she loved were happy.

That will be a great source in us finding happiness again without her physically being here.


It seems impossible to move forward, but she always did.

She taught us how, and so we can and will find a way too.

She will never truly be gone, or forgotten. She will live an eternity in heaven, and in the stories and memories we share of her, and in the impact she has had on each one of our lives.



It is only, until we meet again. Save me a seat near you.


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I am just a mom on a journey. Trying my best to do it right. Making lots of mistakes along the way. Enjoying having a community that gets it, to share it all with.

6 thoughts on “My Mom’s Story”

  1. There is so much talent in your family!. I always felt that way about your mom. She was gifted in so many ways. I. thought she was amazing. I remember our art class and thinking this girl is not only beautiful but smart and friendly and super talented and I knew even then that she was special and I wanted her to be my friend. I have so many beautiful memories of our adventures together before and after having our own families!! 😊Humble and always wanting to be part of something greater than her. my family and I feel blessed to have had her in our lives. She was and is “my sister” and I miss her so much and know we’ll be together someday again.
    You my dear are also an inspiration and a very gifted writer! She’s bursting with pride!
    What you wrote was beautiful and I love you. ❤


    1. Yes indeed/ you were and are her “sister.” So many fun memories and stories I’m sure I haven’t even heard yet. ❤️❤️ Thank you for always being there for her.


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