Is it the end for you Mom

I’m trying but I can’t
I’m giving up but I’m not
I persevere
Until I hear
Your quality of life can be nearer
To who you were

You aren’t who you were

I don’t know if you’re

coming back

When you were here we disagreed
But as you are coming in and out

We both want to shout 

You shout let me go 
You want the wires out 
You want to walk and can’t 
You shout let me go 
Because in your head letting you go satisfies
something inside 
But you don’t have your mind
It’s gone
Things can’t be fine
Not this way 
I shout let me go as well 
Expectations let me go
Disappointment let me go
Fury that I can’t control a thing.
Let me go.
So we shout
You out loud
Me inside
Although we are both still alive 
It still feels like almost everything has died 

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I am just a mom on a journey. Trying my best to do it right. Making lots of mistakes along the way. Enjoying having a community that gets it, to share it all with.

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