The Magic Powers in a Mother’s Kiss.

I left Lucas in bed last night to get his favorite book. Lately, he hasn’t been able to go to bed without it. The book is about a little mouse getting dressed. He’s been repeating this story over and over all day excitedly.

While I was looking for the book, which had been with us all day and could be anywhere at this point, I heard frantic painful sounding screams from his bedroom! I ran back to his room and he was crying on his side pleading “MAMA, can you kiss me right there!” His face was beet red and his eyes and mouth were contorted in pain, tears streaming down his cheeks. He couldn’t explain to me in words what had happened. He pointed again at the exact spot between his ear and neck and repeated through a desperate quivering whimper. He knew he didn’t have all the words to explain what happened. He also knew that he was scared and hurt from what had just happened. As his tears fell, he waited for my kiss to relieve him.

How sweet the tender moments…

My little guy is a dare devil, and I’m pretty sure he fell tying to leap from the bed post, over the diaper genie, to the changing table and back, before I got back to read the book.

Autism, communication deficits, hyperactivity, little impulse control, and poor safety awareness, are a scary combination. Just last week, he bumped his mouth on big brother’s head, and we wound up cancelling everything the next day and making his first (and hopefully last) emergency dentist visit.

I am always guessing for him. Doing what I can to understand him and keep him happy and safe. I can’t fix everything for him, but I am so thankful that my kiss was able to make it better this time.

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I am just a mom on a journey. Trying my best to do it right. Making lots of mistakes along the way. Enjoying having a community that gets it, to share it all with.

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